News 1 day ago
Showing photos of Fatah Khorramshahr on Artibishan website
The exhibition "After 19" with photos by Amir Ali Javadian about the conquest of Khorramshahr curated by Ramesh Lahiji will be displayed online on Artibishan Gallery website from Friday, June 4th.
News 1 week ago
Ceramics in another view
A group exhibition of ceramic works titled "#00a693" under the curatorship of Narges Farahani will be displayed on Friday, May 28 at Istakhr Gallery. This exhibition with a contemporary look at ceramic art and works by artists active in this art such as Mehrdad Abutalebi, Mina Amani, Sogol Azarshab, Maryam Bahmanesh, Neda Jalili, Hadih Khozan, Reza Dost, Masoud Soheilinejad, Ho...
analysis 3 weeks ago
A place like magic
Manjezi is an artist born in 1370 in Shiraz. He is an expert in handicrafts from Shiraz University and so far his works have been displayed in many group exhibitions in addition to individual exhibitions.
Article 3 weeks ago
Iran in the Venice Biennale
The Venice Biennale with contemporary art works has been held since 1893 as the world's first art biennale with more than 600,000 visitors in each period.
News 4 weeks ago
Yesterday's today
The exhibition of Behnam Kamrani's works titled "Yesterday" will be on display at Artibishan Gallery from Friday, May 7th.
analysis 1 month ago
Today's past meeting
So far, Kamrani's artistic path has been formed on the border between past, present, and current myths and contexts, and the collections "Edge", "Where it doesn't matter where" and "A Tour of Iran on Banknotes" can be seen as an example of his approach in creating his works. commented Historical and contemporary aspects are evident in his collections, and the result of the creation...
analysis 1 month ago
My round invisible face
Sepideh Solati is a painter born in 1366 in Tehran. His works are focused on expressing the feelings of people and their moments with transparent colors and vague faces. Although the confused state of the faces is somewhat reminiscent of Francis Bacon, what is considered a serious difference between the works of these two artists is related to the atmosphere and elements used in Sol...
analysis 1 month ago
Blues and more elements
Although in the upcoming works of Mehdi Hosseini, we are facing more elements than other works of this artist, but still the predominance of blue and their companionship with green leaves can be seen on landscapes and figures. The choice of color and the type of perspective or depth view of the bed in these paintings and prints are all signs of Mehdi Hosseini's attention to painting...
analysis Shahrzad Royaee | 1 month ago
A stream from the small yard
A two-story house near Vanak Square, located on Khodami Street, with a small and green yard, is known as one of the first visual art galleries after the Iranian revolution, which is still active since 1371. According to Mozhgan Valipour, the director and founder of this gallery, it took about a year to get a license to start the gallery, and finally, with the help of one of his frie...
analysis Shahrzad Royaee | 1 month ago
The beginning of Golestan in winter
The walk outside the garage of Golestan's father's house is full of familiar and unfamiliar faces recorded in this picture and is a testimony to the good start of Golestan in the hard winter nights of art.